Transition – Year 6 Welcome Letters

[26 Mar 2021]

Please read below for a message to all the Year 6 pupils that are due to arrive at Sirius Academy West in September 2021:

Congratulations on your successful application for Secondary Education at Sirius Academy West. We are delighted to offer you a place at the Academy for September 2021 and are looking forward to working with you.

It is an uncertain time for everybody now, as we continue adapt to the current issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our normal plan for transition may be affected. However, we are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive the best transition offer we can provide.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm plans yet for a Welcome Night, Transition Week, and bespoke activities for specific cohorts of students, but would be eager to ensure that these are available again.

The link below will allow you to access our online Welcome Form that will be vital in preparing you for the transition to the Academy, please read the information thoroughly. All forms that are submitted by Monday 3 May 2021 will qualify for the chance to win a free Academy uniform.

Once we have collated all the responses you will then receive your online Welcome Pack that will include key information, such as, bus routes, uniform requirements, and ParentPay information. Providing us with an individual e-Mail address will allow us to have regular contact with you throughout the summer term.

Before the end of May we will be looking to visit every Primary School to speak to the Year 6 pupils that will be part of our new Year 7 cohort. The aim of this visit will be to relieve the pupils of any worries by providing practical solutions to their individual concerns.

We are aware that we will need to follow the current guidelines regarding safety and that some of these visits may need to be rescheduled or postponed. Last year we had great success with virtual visits to Primary Schools and individual pupils, and, if necessary, we would embrace the opportunity to host online meetings with pupils and parents again.

We would encourage all pupils to continue to watch the Transition Videos that formed the basis of our Year 6 Movie Night back in October 2020. These include tours of the building, an opportunity to meet our staff and students, and follow a day in the life of a current Year 7 student. You can find the videos using the link below.

We hope that you share the same enthusiasm and excitement about joining Sirius Academy West as our staff do, and are looking forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead. Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you have an individual query or concern.

Mr Gordon and Ms Lyon


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