U.13 Boys Win Indoor Cricket League And Qualify For East Yorkshire Finals!

[30 Jan 2015]

U.13 Boys Win Indoor Cricket League And Qualify For East Yorkshire Finals! Who Needs Pietersen When We Have Ali Talal!

The Under 13 boys won their last League Indoor Cricket match versus Malet Lambert ensuring they are league winners!
In having won all three matches the boys have now qualified for the East Yorkshire Finals.
In a close fought contest Sirius were only leading by 2 runs after the first innings with 45 runs to Malets 43.
When Luke Riley was dismissed for a ‘duck’ and the wickets of Harry Pougher and Jack Hassard went for few runs-
It seemed that we were trying to imitate our professional boys.
Having scored only 39 runs the team were saved by the 11 runs from Alfie Drury , the 9 runs of the ‘night watchman’ Ben Canvess and the 23 extras awarded
to us by the lack of consistency in bowling by Malet.
The other major factors were in our  bowling and fielding where Bailey Borman was outstanding. However, it was the bowling of Luke Riley and
Ali Talal that demolished the opposition!  Talal’s pace was explosive and exposed the weakness in the Malet batting.
The final score Sirius 107 to Malet 65.
Well done to all the boys involved Luke Riley; Ali Talal ; Ben Canvess ; Bailey Borman ; Alfie Drury ; Jack Hassard ; Harry Pougher ; and Connor Scaum.  
Thank-you to Martin Smith and to other staff who supported in Andy Kay; Adam Rust; Natasha Pearson and Laura Martin.
There was also a suspicious guest appearance from Miss Cunningham! Who was she really supporting? Strange?