U.13 Hull Schools Indoor Cricket Competition

[09 Mar 2016]

U.13 Hull Schools Indoor Cricket Competition – Boys Beaten By Only Two Runs And A Backboard!

Sirius Academy Years 7 and 8 Cricket Team were beaten 2-1 over the three games in a most exciting encounter and final against Malet Lambert!
The team had been assembled for their first ever game so it was difficult to envisage how they would compete?  However, they equipped themselves well winning the first of three games with Leon Stewart and Lewis Bibby leading the side.  The rest of the team with Alfie Morgan; Mason Opie-Palmer; John Smith; Ellis Hunter; Connor Foster and Liam Fox performed admirably.
The second game was just lost so it was set for a grand finale! Liam Fox; Alfie Morgan;Lewis Bibby; John Smith; Ellis Hunter all bowled accurately and the rest of team fielding tightly. Leon Stewart was exceptional as wicket-keeper.
Malet batted first and got a total of 65.
We started well and knew we were grinding their total down with Alfie Morgan; Ellis Hunter and Leon Stewart particularly excelling in their batting.  It came down to the last over we only needed three more runs to win!
 Liam Fox struck the ball beautifully and it was heading full pelt to the back of the sports hall where if it hit the back wall it would have been a six!
How unlucky can you get –the basketball backboard got in the way! No runs from what should have been a six! So we fall short and lose the game by two runs.
No matter- a great performance non the less and great experience in establishing new players and a new team!
Please congratulate all the boys and special thanks to Martin Smith for his support.