U13 & U15 Girls Cup Final

[19 Apr 2013]

Last night both the U13 and U15 girls football teams were in action at Hull University playing fields. Again similar to earlier in the week the weather wasn’t the greatest with strong winds throughout the whole night.

The U13 girls kicked off 1st against St Mary’s Academy at 4pm. With only 10 girls side facing a strong 11+ side from St Mary’s the girls knew they were going to have a battle on their hands. The girls started well but unfortunately St Mary’s soon put a goal into the back of the Sirius net to get them off the starting blocks. A special mention here needs to go out to Aimee Harris (y8) who played in goal for her first ever football match, a good performance which showed improvement throughout the 1st half. The girls battled hard and were playing straight into the wind during the first half which gave St Mary’s the advantage to put more goals by the half time whistle into the back of the net.

At half time the girls were disheartened but seemed more positive to go out and score goals in the 2nd half knowing that the weather was more in their favour. Unfortunately the additional player they had on the pitch made all the difference and Sirius struggled to get their side of the score line going. Despite this key players worked hard throughout and never took their foot of the pedal. Mia Duke stayed strong in defence and was tracking the whole width of the pitch and impressively Georgia Wardell in the middle of the field with Ellie Cone just never stopped moving!

Unfortunately after such a hugely successful season the U13 girls got beat 7-0. Despite this the girls should be congratulated on their success this year in representing Sirius Academy in Girls Football in the way they have. They may not be champions of the Hull Cup, but they are the best 7 a side team in Hull and 2nd best team in the Region after their Trip to Derby earlier this year which is definitely something they can celebrate!

U13 Team: Aimee Harris, Emily Andrew, Mia Duke, Molly Bigby, Rio Campbell, Chloe Garrad, Ellie Cone, Georgia Wardell, Amelia Longden, Ellie Smirk

The U15 girls kicked of 2nd against Malet Lambert at 5.30pm. A 11 strong team from Sirius faced Malet Lambert and the girls seemed positive and raring to go. Having half the team just returned and got dropped off from the Rugby fixture in Huddersfield yesterday it was clear that energy levels wouldn’t be as high as Tuesday nights game where they knocked St Mary’s out of the competition. However with Chloe Gray still on top from in the net and her sister, Jess Gray, holding the game in central midfield Sirius looked strong from the start. Sirius chose to play into the wind to start meaning they would have to work hard before been able to rest and use the weather to their advantage in the second half, and work hard they did! From front to back Sirius looked strong and only twice Malet Lambert managed to get the goal past our line into the back of the net in conditions which were totally in their favour. Mel McCann put in an impressive performance working hard to track their best player number 9 all over the field. When turning round ends for the second half Sirius were still positive and strong however when starting to play it was clear the legs of those who had played Rugby all day were beginning to tire, even though we had the weather in our favour. Megan Atkinson and Ebony worked hard upfront and chased the ball but with a full days rugby playing in their legs it was difficult to get that last burst of energy out of them to meet the ball. Chloe Gray again made some impressive saves to keep the scoreline down however Malet Lambert did manage to put a couple more past the Sirius goal line in the second half.
Despite the score line (5-0 to Malet) I can honestly say that every girls on the pitch worked their absolute hardest and desperately wanted a win for Sirius Academy. It is evidence enough when a player takes a knock, gets up and insists on carrying on until the end. A huge congratulations should go out to these girls. To play with the determination and energy which they showed after already playing a big game this week on Tuesday and having half the team tired from a full day of Rugby in an unbelievable achievement.

15 Team: Chloe Gray, Jodie Shimmles, Courtney Ferrie, Paris Turpin, Melissa McCan, Megan Kay, Megan Whittles, Jess Gray, Shannon Kay, Ebony Hepworth, Megan Atksinon

I am immensely proud of all the girls who played yesterday in all year groups, and those who have played at points throughout the year. They have represented the Academy in an excellent, mature and professional way throughout the season on both the local and regional stage. Please congratulate all who contributed to the games yesterday and again thank them on my behalf. Miss Natasha Pearson.

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