[17 Apr 2013]

Sirius 6 – St Mary’s 0

Last night our U15 girls footballers took on St Mary’s in the Semi Final of the Hull Schools Cup.

With the reputation of St Mary’s as been a strong team in this age group the girls were nervous and apprehensive in the build up to the match. Luckily however as soon as the game started those nerves seemed to sink away and a confident performance was given by everyone. The weather played it’s part from the offset, with gusty winds blowing straight down the pitch it was going to make one half of the game very difficult, however Captain, Megan Atkinson, won the coin at the beginning of the match and chose the give them girls respite to the wind in the second half.
With this decision came the challenge of playing into the wind for 30minutes. The girls worked hard with both Megan and Ebony securing a goal each to bring the scoreline to 2-0 at half time. Star of the match in the first half however was Chloe Gray in goal, not letting anything into the back of her net when the weather was really not in our favour at all!

The second half saw St Mary’s come out stronger than the first with an attempt on goal which just almost caught Chloe out but skimmed the crossbar to put the ball out of play. However from the on Megan’s decision to play with the wind during the second half paid off as St Mary’s got more tired, Sirius took advantage and both Megan and Ebony managed to secure another 2 goals each, bringing the scoreline to 6 – 0.

From start to finish there were 11 outstanding performances from all individuals. Jess Gray ensured no one got past the centre of the field, Paris Turpin then holding on the back line just incase anyone slipped through and the Kay sisters (Megan and Shannon) working hard down each wing to swing some impressive balls into the box and from the corner for Megan and Ebony to get on the end of.

All in all a fantastic performance which now sees both the U13 Girls AND the U15 Girls in the Hull Schools Cup Finals this Thursday at the University Fields.

Please congratulate the U15 Team on their great achievement – Megan Atkinson, Ebony Hepworth, Megan Kay, Shannon Kay, Chloe Gray, Jess Gray, Paris Turpin, Megan Whittles, Jodie Shimmles, Courtney Ferrie, Melissa McCann

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