u16 girls secure 3rd place in 5-aside tournament!

[21 Mar 2012]

The U16 girls competed in the Hulls 5-aside tournament last night. The team was missing some valuable players such as Kerryn Jackson (due to injury), Chelsea Baynes and Billie Jo Lancaster. However, the first round of games led to:

Malet 1 Sirius 0
Andrew Marvell 0 Sirius 0

The girls then fought for a place in the next round through penalties. Sophie Foster and Natasha Wood scored some excellent goals but the superb saving from Emily George put Sirius through to the next round.
The girls then came face to face with Malet Lambert again for 3rd and 4th position. The score was still 0-0 after 8 minutes. Again, some outstanding penalties from Natasha Wood, Sophie Foster, and Emily George placed the girls in 3rd position!

I was very proud of the girls efforts and they were a true credit to the academy. If you teach them today please praise them for their efforts!

Emeilia Delgardo
Emily George (lady of the match)
Darcy Carver
Sophie Foster
Natasha Wood

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Test link