“The Right Stuff” take the lead

[22 Jan 2016]

On Tuesday 12th January, Sirius Academy West hosted their first Mosaic Challenge. 80, Year 10 Business Students took part and worked in teams in the challenge which involved demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the world of Business Ethics in an online test and then they had to use all of their entrepreneurial skills and business tactics to complete the Business Online Game Challenge.

Students had to choose products to manufacture, set marketing strategies and put their abilities against other ‘online foes’ with the aim of achieving the highest gross profit but highest overall net profit. ‘Team Right Stuff’, Callum Riley, Declan Jackson, Oskar Zaczkowski and Jack Scottow achieved a fantastic figure of over £4.4 million net profit making them current leaders of the competition.

If a team from Sirius Academy West was to be successful and go through to the next round of the challenge, the students move closer to the outstanding prize of meeting THE Dragons from The Dragons den, having stores in Oxford Street closed specifically for them and their VIP visit on the way to the London Eye as well as Tea with a Royal and the chance to work with key industry leaders to operate their own business.

Claire Smalley, Coordinator of Business Enterprise would like to thank would like to say thank you to Cheryl Smith and Bridie Sutcliffe and Sirius West’s very own budding 6th form Business Studies Student, Shona Dows and Cameron Furlong for mentoring the students and would also like to say a huge thank you to all mentors who helped to support the students in the challenge, it has been an absolutely outstanding result!

Bring on February half term results! Good Luck Teams!

Test link

Test link