Under 15 Girls show grit and determination despite the challenging weather!

[09 Mar 2018]

It was snowing dinner plates the flakes were so big! But with national women’s day to warm them up, the Sirius West U15 Girls Rugby Union team put on a confident display despite their lack of experience in this code of Rugby.

Captain for the day, Millie Jordan led the team round the park well, naturally owning the Scrum-half position and linking up well with Lucy Sainty to score the arguably the best try of the tournament!

Strong carries from Georgia Coggin, Rachel Fox and Alex Worth also led to several fine tries throughout the East Yorkshire Comp!

The scores for each game were as follows:

Match 1 
Sirius West 7- Bridlington – 5

Match 2 
Sirius West 4 Headlands 6

Match 3 
Sirius West 5 – St Mary’s 8

One win and two narrow defeats to two well experienced teams!

Players Player Of The March: Rachel Fox
Coaches Player: Millie Jordan

Squad: Rachel Fox, Milly Jordan, Lydia Walker, Kalisha Quantac, Caitlin Jasper, Tegan Lawler. Elisha Hayles, Alex Worth, Georgia Coggin, Paige Collingwood, Rachel Robinson, Grace Elloton, Katie Day.

Test link

Test link