Under 15s girls Rugby Union Success

[13 Mar 2015]

The U15’s girls Rugby Union team have made it through to the Yorkshire Finals at Wetherby after convincingly beating every team they came up against in the East Yorkshire Competition on Wednesday.

The girls were placed in pool C for the first round and were up against 2 teams they had never played before: Eskdale and Malton. The girls showed great power and skill as they won both 12 minute matches easily with all girls participating in the success.

Eskdale 0- Sirius 8
Malton 0- Sirius 7

The girls then went through to the winners pool where they face Lady Lumley school who they beat easily 10-0 showing great pace and attack. They then faced their biggest rivals Wolfreton who were clearly up for the match and wanted to beat the team who had won at Twickenham last year. The teams were evenly matched for the first few minutes making it a very tense game to watch but once Sirius had sorted out their defence they gained momentum and the tries started to come. The girl beat Wolfreton 5-1.

Please congratulate the team on their success and wish them luck for the next stages of the competition in Wetherby where they will compete to secure their place at Twickenham for the second year running.

Team: Mia Duke, Emily Andrew, Demi Leake, Emily Savage, Jordan Shakespear, Paige Fletcher, Ellie Cone, Saffron Jones, Kayleigh Waller, Jamie Watson, Amelia Longden, Rio Campbell, Danielle Fulton, Molly Bigby and Shauna Jones.

Test link

Test link