Under 15s Sirius Girls team 3rd in Yorkshire competition

[30 Mar 2017]

The under 15s Rugby union team travelled to York yesterday to represent East Yorkshire in the Yorkshire finals. The girls who have not had much experience playing rugby union (2 first time rugby players) played some excellent rugby throughout the day and worked well as a team to fight for the title of  ‘Best team in Yorkshire’. Despite not loosing a game in the group stages 3 draws was not enough to see them go through to the final play off matches but instead meant they would have to battle it out in another two matches for 3rd place. 

Sirius stepped up their game and beat Kettlethorpe 4-1 and Scalby 3-1 which meant they finished a well deserved 3rd place overall out of 9 schools who attended.


The girls were a credit to the academy throughout the day and showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork during the festival and were unlucky to miss out on a place in the final.


Shannon Jordan

Danny Waters

Chloe Dunn

Alisha Pearson

Lauren Sutton

Cameron Shakespeare

Millie Jordan

Kalisha Quantock

Lydia Walker

Amy Purdon

Ellie Hinchcliffe

Keila Allen

Katie Clarke

Leander Haywood

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