Voyager Driving School

[01 Jul 2012]

Students from the 6th form and the Hearing Impaired Unit had a fantastic opportunity to test their driving skills using a state of the art car simulator, an event run by Voyager Driving School. This simulator uses the latest computer technology to attempt to create a realistic sensation of driving a car. The simulator is self-contained, incorporating a steering wheel, gears, handbrake, pedals and seat. In front of the driver are three 23 inch monitors.

Students also had a chance to wear ‘drunk’ goggles to get a sensation of being drunk and how this can impair the senses when driving. Ryan Johnson says, “When I wore the goggles I couldn’t even walk in a straight line never mind drive the simulator”.

There were lots of other activities including practice theory tests and competitions to win driving lessons.

Chris, a year 12 student says, “My favourite part of the session was the driving experience on the simulator. At first I found it difficult to actually drive in a safe manner; mainly because I kept pressing the accelerator rather than the brake. I kept crashing. (This was the fun part.) But by the end of the session, I managed to drive the simulated car manually, using Indicators, full use of the gears, the accelerator and brake. I loved it. It made me think about taking up driving lessons and I have just booked a package and start next month”.

All students and staff involved would like to say a massive thank you to Ruth and Dave from Voyager Driving School for a fantastic day.

Test link

Test link