World Book Day Competition – Winners

[22 May 2019]

Congratulations to our World Book Day winners! In March the academy hosted an event to celebrate World Book Day and provided pupils in our local Primary Schools with the chance to create their own short story.

Over 100 Y5 pupils worked with staff in English, Drama and Art to devise a plot for a genre of their choice, develop their own characters and create their own front cover.

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the competition are below.

Ting Wang (Christopher Pickering Primary School)

Lacey-Leigh Beaumont (Paisley Primary School)
Lydia Wimalarasa (Paisley Primary School)
Julia Sliwka (Paisley Primary School)

Winning entries were selected due to their enticing introductions and ability to enchant the reader, the variety of narratives and plots, and the high level of description that made our judges think they were in the story. Thank you for all your hard work and please remember us when you’re famous authors!

Test link

Test link