Xmas Spirit the SIRIUS Way

[14 Dec 2016]

Sirius Academy West has been busy busy busy during Global Enterprise Week 2016 and continues to promote the skills of our enterprising students!

Sirius Academy West, students, working once again in conjunction with Cadbury’s to pro-duce challenge materials in response to their Enterprise challenge. This Year, Cadbury set students the challenge of creating at least 6 new xmas tree decorations that would not only pro-mote the Cadbury brand but would also support our current fundraising Charity, pancreatic Cancer. Students had only two weeks to complete the task and competition was fierce.

Entries had to follow the rules set out by Cadbury’s very own Yvette Taylor, Education Co-ordinator. Tutor groups throughout the school created fantastic designs and Yvette chose the top 3 that best represented the Cadbury’s brand.

Yvette said “Overall, the designs were very Christmassy and a lot of thought had gone into them. You need your product to stand out on the shelf and the top three designs definitely do that. Overall we are very impressed with the high standard of work submitted by Sirius Academy West students, well done to everyone who took part!”
Winners have now been announced and are as follows:

1st Place: Katie Jude & Brooke Connell – Great drawings and has the branding spot on!

2nd Place: Kinga & Alexandra – Have mentioned pancreatic cancer and I’m loving the use of purple.

1st Place: Ellie-May Stark & Nikkita Thompson – Very purple, got the Cadbury logo and it’s very purple!

Massive thank you to Cadbury for their support with the challenge and with all staff who supported it and the students who took part with their impressive designs, well done!

Bring on Global Enterprise Week 2017!

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