Y9 Basketball v St Mary’s

[06 Feb 2017]

After a fantastic victory in their previous fixture against a very capable Kelvin side, it was St Mary’s who were to be the next opponent.

It was clear from the 1st quarter that it was going to require a huge effort to match the speed and physicality of St Mary’s. With Sirius being unable to contain the attacking play of SM. After a shakey 1st period the Sirius trailed 11-2.

I had been racking my brains trying to remember everything I had learnt from my numerous watches of Coach Carter and Space Jam. Thankfully, my best Samuel L Jackson efforts seemed to reap some rewards as the inspired change of Tom Wilkinson gave us a calmer more composed head in both offense and defense. After spirited 2nd and 3rd quarters we had clawed the previously rampant St Marys to 13-10. Within 3…game on!

The fightback could not be compelled however as St Mary’s regrouped and ran out 18-12 winners.

Overall, it was a great effort from all involved with Leon Stewart and Tom Wilkinson scoring 6 points each. Well done!

Connor Foster
Connor Bowes
Shahin Zimani
Leon Stewart
Lewis Bibby
Millie England
Tom Wilkinson
Alex Dunne

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Test link