Y9 Football v Malet Lambert

[07 Mar 2017]

After the disappointment of the previous fixtures 4-2 loss it was vital that the boys were able to gain a positive result  again a usually very capable Malet Lambert side. My hopes of such a result were somewhat diminished when Mr Gordon mentioned that in our previous fixture against the same side we were swept away ‘5 or 6 -0’…

That being said there was a good atmosphere as we rolled up into the Malet car park, Mr White was already there with turncoat Mr Renier who had jumped ship to the Y7’s. He claimed it was for insurance purposes, we all knew the real reason. He did decide to come across just before the half, obviously realising the error of his ways.

We started like a house on fire with some excellent play between the front 2 with Mukelenge playing a lovely little reverse ball to the on rushing Blackham who slotted home early doors. 1-0 great start!

The momentum continued as the boys were in control of much of the play we were able to make this pressure tell as Stewart let off a thunder cracker from 20 yards…keeper stood no chance 2-0.

Blackham was able to return the favour to Mukelenge when he played a delightful clipped through ball onto Mukelenge who had sprung the offside trap who shot high over the keeper which went in off the crossbar. 3-0 I’m sure I spotted Mr Gordon wiping his eyes in disbelief, I thought I was in the midst of an outer body experience, we were running riot!

Perhaps the scoreline eased us of the gas pedal slightly as Malet began to rally and had it not been for the capable gloves of Foster we’d have conceded earlier than we did, a dissapointing goal to concede brought it back to 3-1.

The goals continued to flow with Alshairafe driving home a loose ball from a fumbled corner. 4-1.

In fairness to Malet they kept working work despite the rampant West Men they were able to snatch another goal from a nice piece of play that was finished smartly, 4-2. Game on…?

The revival was short lived as Mukelenge sniffed out another opportunity when the keeper allowed the ball to squirm out of his possession, 5-2.

The scoring continued to with Blackham making it 6-2 then 7-2. mukelenge fancied his chances when he hit an ambitious 35 yard effort and the form he was in it was no surprise that it sailed in 8-2. The scoring was rounded ff after a nice team goal which was finished when Stewart squared the ball to the onrushing Shooter, 9-2.

Overall a tremendous performance by all the boys! Well done!

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