Year 10 and 11 Boys Rugby

[02 Nov 2018]

The Year 10 and Year 11 Rugby Boys have made it through to the Yorkshire Cup stages, which means they now play 3 games each in a league format. The Year 11 games need to be played by Friday 8th December with the Year 10 games by Friday 18th January. Are there any days / dates you would like me to stay away from as the boys are likely to be setting off at lunch, which would mean missing P5 and P6.

Year 10 Boys Squad

Spencer Bennett
Ronaldas Sokolovas
Tom Mclellan
Keiran Welburn
Mason Palmer
Alfie Marsden
Dylan Norrie
Wesley Holmes
Leo Meiklenham
James Abdul
Harry Norton
Robbie Jones
Alfie Morgan
Billy Fenby
Macauley Medlam (Year 9)
Sam Hassard (Year 9)

Year 11 Boys Squad

Leon Stewart
Lewis Wilson
Kieran Simpson
Ahmed Bela
Joe Grant
Tom Wilkinson
Connor Foster
Sam Macauley
Lewis Walker
Alex Dunne
Ali Alsheriffe
Ben Godman
Luke Taylor
Jamie Hope

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Test link