Year 10 and 11 Rugby Leaders

[30 May 2012]

Students from Year 10 and 11 completed their Rugby League Leaders Award and Match Officials award. After four weeks of coaching, on the fifth week they worked with primary school children to deliver some rugby skills and run a TAG tournament.

The Year 11 Girls were first up to be assessed, when they organised and ran a very successful primary schools TAG Tournament, consisting of 8 schools, held at Sirius Academy. The Year 11 girls were very patient with the youngsters and helped them enormously with their rugby skills throughout the afternoon.

Kasha Savage
Jessica Coult
Abigail Wood
Hannah Polley
Alix-Mae Hessey Allen
Sophie Longden
Darcy Carver
Emily George
Emelia Delgardo
Kerryn Jackson
Sophie Beales
Jessica Clarkson

The Year 10 Boys were really put to the test at Eastfield Primary School, in very wet and cold conditions. But credit to the boys who did a fantastic job keeping the year 5 children engaged in the skills they delivered within their session, showing fantastic coaching ability.

Harry Tyson-Wilson
Joshua Jackson
Peter Butcher
Jordan Borman
Jamie Warcup
Jack Fethon
Calvin Parker
Liam Platten

Ainthorpe Primary School was the venue for the Year 10 Girls, who did extremely well, especially as some of them had limited knowledge on rugby league before the course was delivered to them. 60 year 5’s and 6’s turned up for their coaching session, before culminating in a tournament. The girls explained the rules well to the children and made sure they had lots of fun whilst playing. On the back of this, 6 of the girls went on to represent Sirius Academy in the Carnegie Schools Championships.

Shannon Jude
Shannon White
Cassandra Norris
Samantha Brown
Chelsea Pearce
Gabriella Kaiimendez
Natasha Wood
Joanna Santos
Chelsea Baynes
Leah Jackson
Amtoaj Vasdev
Rebecca Jo Giblin
Rebecca Cooke

All of the students who completed their Rugby League leaders Award conducted themselves perfectly at their respective primary schools and was a credit to Sirius Academy.

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