Year 10 Boys Football: Cleethorpes Academy vs Sirius Academy

[02 Mar 2015]

As the Sirius minibus reached the edge of Grimsby on the way to Cleethorpes for the 3rd round of the Humberside Cup, the atmosphere, local attractions and aroma of the seaside town encapsulated us immediately. The same thought was focused on us all…………….. Let’s get back to Hull!

The first half  of the east coast encounter was dominated significantly by Sirius but mainly in midfield, leaving the Cleethorpes goal as empty as Stephen Pougher’s book of ‘Excellent Ideas for the Future’. Jarvis jinked, Kelsey kicked, Baker bullied and Thorpe eh, thingied.  However,  half time arrived a goalless draw.

Half time brought the Mussolini out in Mr Basile, the replacement coach, as he pointed out exactly how they were going to change the future of the game, done in a manner in which the original Italian dictator would have been proud. This was followed by the cool, collected thoughts of the mysterious Caledonian stand-in assistant coach who quite brilliantly masterminded a magnificent game-plan for the second half.

Unfortunately, Mussolini’s right wing strategies, as in the past, caused confusion among the ranks (they were playing down the left) and before this game-plan could be applied, the Cleethorpes No. 11 had whipped a needless free kick into the top corner of Pougher’s net: It was now time to change gear and apply the half-time tactics of the enigmatic talisman from north of the border.

Sirius began pushing forward with strength and muscle and this Braveheart attitude was rightly rewarded with a free kick just outside the Cleethorpe box, where Jarvis executed a brilliant shot into the bottom left corner celebrating in his own inimitable style! 1-1

Fresh legs were brought on in Hance, Shahyar and Harry (Billy Elliot) Knight, who took great pleasure in pirouetting round the defence resembling a young Rudolf Nureyev.

Eventually, a fantastic ball in from Litwinski was won decisively by the man-of -the-match Adam Kelsey who thumped a header into the back of the Cleethorpes net! 2-1 Sirius and we were not hanging about for extra time, seaside paradise or not! The Sirius defence did not let us down and before we knew it we were heading victoriously back down Boothferry road in no time!

Well done to all the boys involved below.

Stephen Pougher
Callum Baker
Adam Kelsey
Dom Litwinski
Josh Jarvis
Alex Appleby
Jamie Gould
Alfie Pougher
Martin Jude
Jack Langley
Harry Knight
Jordan Hance.
Hosseini Shahyar
Benito Mussolini
Hawkeye Thenoo

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