Year 10 Girls – Hull Schools RL Champions

[29 Jun 2016]

The talented Year 10 Girls Rugby League team proved far too strong for any other team in Hull as they were crowned the Champions of the City. The standard of girls rugby in the area had certainly improved since February when they all played in a Hull Schools tournament for the first time to see who would go on and represent Yorkshire.
Sirius Academy West 7 St Marys College 0
From the start Sirius West set their mark on the tournament with a fine individual try from Amelia Longden, who proved too strong and quick for the St Marys side from the first play of the  game. Shortly after Danny Waters doubled the lead when she rounded the defensive line and showed real pace to go over in the corner. The ever consistent Kayleigh Waller and Mia Duke were next to go over showing real class, before Kayleigh scored her second just before the halftime break. Changes were made in the second half, with a debut for Chloe Faulder, who ran the ball in well from the wing position. Year 9’s Chloe Dunn and Shannon Jordan also made a big impact in the middle of the park. Molly Bigby was next to go over after some great vision to spot a gap in defence and speed through. St Marys was proving harder to break through in the second half but Sirius West just had too much for them attack as Kayeligh Waller finished the scoring off, making it 7 – 0.
Sirius Academy West 6 Sirius Academy North 1
In the local derby match it was the experience of Sirius West that played a big part in their victory.  Credit to Sirius North in only their third ever game of rugby and were really competing with the National Finalists. Saffron Jones powered over from close range to open the scoring, but Sirius West were really having to work hard to gain good field position. The Sirius West defence was looking solid, with Danny Fulton and Ellie Cone looking strong on the right wing to take the North player in to touch. From the resulting handover Danny Waters found a gap and there was no stopping her as she made the scoreline 2 – 0 at half time. Georgia Wardell and Mia Duke were working overtime in defence at the square marker position as the North side struggled to break through the brick wall of the West side. As the game progressed Sirius West played smarter rugby and were finding more overlaps and gaps in the North defence, which they took advantage of. Good solo tries from Amelia Longden and Emily Andrew extended the lead before Sirius North’s perseverance on the Sirius West tryline paid off as they went over for a try of their own. Sirius responded well and Molly Bigby scored two tries in quick succession to make the final score 6 – 1 to West in a very good tough match.
Sirius Academy West 4 Archibishop Sentamu 0
Unfortunately this game had to be abandoned just before the halftime break due to an injury to one of the Archbishop Sentamu players. Tries from Emily Andrew and Kayleigh Waller were scored early on before Jamie Watson made a good break and a quick play the ball saw Mia Duke scoot through the gap. The final score was a great team try as Molly Bigby broke through the line and then offloaded superbly in a 2 v 1 situation to send captain Mia Duke over to make the score 4 – 0.
Special thanks to Chloe Williams, Sarah Murphy-Corish, John Sherwood and Sabrina Miles for their support with the team in some terrible weather conditions.
Please congratulate the girls on their performance, attitude and behaviour.  This is their final game of rugby before they play in their National Final at Richmond on Friday 26th August to hopefully become the best team in the country again. On their performance today there is no reason why they should not regain that title!
Squad: Kayleigh Waller, Emily Andrew, Amelia Longden, Ellie Cone, Jamie Watson, Danny Waters, Mia Duke, Danny Fulton, Saffron Jones, Georgia Wardell, Molly Bigby, Chloe Dunn, Shannon Jordan and Chloe Faulder.