Year 10 Progress!

[24 Mar 2017]

The Sirius Year 10 boys were nervous for this cup fixture as they had heard the opposition were a good team…I think it was because the master himself C. Basile was coming to support the boys.


The boys started brightly with Gael and Jack masterly controlling the tempo of the game, attacking with intent using the wings of Ethan and Bradley. It was this combination of Jack and Bradley walker who assisted Bayer with the first goal of the game going to Sirius, Bayer calmly slotting away. 1-0.

Bayer and Jay were a constant threat up front making excellent runs behind the solid Wolfreton defence.

The Sirius defence were putting up a defiant display to not let the Wolfreton attack break us down. With an injury to star defender Steven Willits and having to come off, this proved to be catastrophic! Wolfreton broke the Sirius defence slotted home. 1-1. With the defence losing track of the runners as fast as Mr White is losing is hair Wolfreton managed to bag another…and another…and another. 4-1 to Wolfreton. The Sirius boys did not give up still battling in tackles working hard to not let any more goals in with half time beckoning.

Half time.

Cue Mr Basile’s half time classic speech… you need to get in to them, showing expertly how to get the ball and keep the ball… it looked like the lads actually listened! (After his Jermaine Defoe, Gary Neville stories zzzz). Steven came back on in spite of his injury to help the cause and Gael in a more attacking role with Harry Pougher in the midfield.


Second Half. The Sirius boys started with some serious intent I am not sure what exactly was said by the master himself but they responded. Within 5 minutes we had a penalty for a bad tackle from a blistering Karwan run. Up stepped Tanser to slot home. 4-2 game on! Gael was now in a more attacking role which he got free from a beautiful scholes-esc pass from Pougher where he netted home with a lovely finish. 4.-3.

With it being all Sirius and some excellent displays from Thomas Stabler and Jo Davison keeping us on the front foot, Tanser won a free kick about 30 yards out. To make it equal could he keep his nerve… after around 6 previous efforts had gone over the bar…not this time! He perfected his strike like a missile! 4-4 what a game!

With Mr Basile’s heart racing through enjoyment and now shouting, directing the boys they took encouragement and his natural enthusiasm on to the pitch to push for the winning goal. Karwan again having a hand a delightful pass to bayer who smashed home! 5-4! We were in front and looking in control! Sirius still pressing an astonishing through ball from eventual Man of the Match Steven Willits came through to Gael who passed it around the Goalkeeper to round off an excellent team display and a great victory. 6-4 winners.


Please congratulate the following boys on their remarkable behaviour and effort:


Joseph Hill
Jake Beaumont
Steven Willits
Baillie Borman
Thomas Stabler
Jack Tanser
Ethan Kendall
Jay Mainprize
Gael Nzayadio
Mervete Hussein
Bayar Ahmed
Jo Davison
Bradley Walker
Karwan Jumha

A special thank you to Mr Basile for his words of wisdom and for driving the minibus.

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