Year 10s Fall in Group Stages

[22 May 2013]

The year 10’s took on a tough challenge this afternoon at Haworth Park against 3 well drilled sides consisting of Thomas Ferens, Beverley Longcroft & South Holderness.

A first game against Longcroft showed it was going to be a tough afternoon with Longcroft taking an early 6-0 lead, before a try coming from good “off the cuff” rugby leading to J. Lambert scoring in the corner to make it 6-4. Longcroft scored again in the 2nd half making it 12-4, before more attacking play saw a try coming in the same area out wide, but from T. Moss this time. The score line of 12-8 to Longcroft meant we needed 2 wins to stand a chance of winning the group.

Coming up next though was a very fierce South Holderness team who had comfortably won their first game without breaking sweat, so a big task was in hand, and the players felt this from the first minute, as South Holderness had crossed after a lapse in concentration from the kick off which left Sirius feeling the effects for the half with further scores leaving it 16-0 at half time to South Holderness. Further scores inflicted a heavy defeat of 30-0 through a lack of ill-discipline and costly errors.

The final game came against Thomas Ferens, in which a win was vital to the moral of the team. The attacking flair shown in the first few minutes provided a 4-0 footing thanks to C. Brown’s final strength bullying his way over, combining skill & strength. This confidence was shot back through a try and convertion making it 6-4 in favour of Ferens and that is how the game stayed, even with sustained pressure on the Longcroft line, it was unfortunate errors in the final stages which let the game slip away.

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