Year 10’s make it to the Semi final

[10 Mar 2017]

The year 10 boys have carried on their run in the Yorkshire plate with a promising display to conquer Buttershaw, to move into the semi finals.

The pre-match warm up was where the good vibes started, as the lads were in full focus while running their moves and hitting some hard lines. It was from here that their confidence began to grow.

From the first whistle the Sirius boys were in full flow in both attack and defence. The first few minutes provided an excellent aggressive display in defence when Kai Green, Matthew Coulter and Tom Borman managed to put on a perfect act of a 3 man tackle, to march the Buttershaw winger 8 metres to finish in touch to win the head and feed of the scrum.

From the back of the scrum a ‘wedge’ was called, and Brandon Sargeson found the fastest man on the pitch ‘Harry Coulbeck’ out the back, which saw him turn the burners on and run round the defence to open the scoring 6-0 as Ben Canvess added the extras.

From the restart, the Sirius lads looked after the ball to complete their set from a kick to finish deep in the Buttershaw half. Their fullback collected the ball under pressure and made the return to begin their attack. It was all going well for them until their 5th and last kick which fell to Leon Stewart, who took the ball in full flow to break the line and run 80M to further extend the lead to 12-0 after another successful conversion.

Sirius maintained their outstanding start to the match, until fatigue began to creep in which saw them make some silly mistakes, allowing their opponents to score to reduce the lead to 12-4.

Buttershaw obviously thought there was an opening as they restarted play with a short kick off. They were unsuccessful in their intentions, as Jack Wilson-Grey put a quick halt to their chase as he collected the ball and powered over the defence to win back the 10M. With Buttershaw on the back foot, the Sirius lads were brimming with confidence and were putting on a great attacking display through various moves, allowing Kai Green, Joe Aitchison and Harry Kynman to hit some hard lines and bust their defence. The next try was beckoning, and it came from the last kick of the set from Brandon Sargeson, which was allowed to bounce right behind Buttershaws try line for Matthew Coulter to dive on and extend the lead 16-4. With a roll on, the next try came in the following set from the kick off as Ben Canvess threw a massive pass to hit Taylor Eastwood who then gave a ‘Gidley’ style pass to Leon Stewart to send him over for his second try (22-4).

After half time, Buttershaw came out with a different attitude to benefit them early on. Their half back managed to charge down a kick and retrieve the ball on a lucky bounce to run under the posts and bring the scores to 22-10.

From here, the Buttershaw team attempted to get into an arm wrestle, but the Sirius lads were having none of it, as they bucked up and worked hard for each other which allowed two further tries to be scored by Taylor Eastwood and Leon Stewart who caught their defence out on two separate occasions to complete the scoring to win the match 30-14.

Full credit to the lads who have worked hard to get to this stage, they have come on leaps and bounds and have worked hard for each other:

Harry Coulbeck, Tom Borman, Taylor Eastwood, Matthew Coulter, Joe Aitchison, Joe Burazin, Kai Green, Jackson Davis-Barker, Brandon Sargeson, Ben Canvess, Jack Wilson-Grey, Jack Bone, Alex Dunne (Year 9), Leon Stewart (Year 9), Tyrone Wilsher and Joe Layden.

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