Year 11 Mock Business Interviews

[16 Dec 2014]

Sirius Academy held their highly successful mock interviews for all Year 11 students last week. The event was facilitated through the support of 20 industry based leaders who were able to donate their time to the cause.
Each student was allocated a 20 minute interview based around a realistic post for which they had prepared an application during their tutor time that week. A 15 minute interview was followed with a 5 minute face-to-face feedback from the interviewer. Although generally nervous, as we all are on these occasions, student feedback suggested they had found it to be both rewarding and informative with the feedback providing guidance for future interviews.
The employers who took part felt they too had benefited from the experience, often in quite different ways. They were unanimous in their praise of the students attitude and performance. 250 interviews over 2 days was a hectic schedule but everyone felt it had been worthwhile at the end of the day.