Year 6 Gifted & Talented English and Maths Sessions

[14 Mar 2017]

Fifty high flying year 6 students from Francis Askew, Paisley, Ainthorpe, Chiltern and Newington Primary School joined us at Sirius West today for focused sessions in English and Maths. With the aim of preparing  for the SAT period upcoming, students worked hard to develop a range of higher order skills and techniques in each of the subjects respectively to ensure the very best marks are achieved.

In English, students worked independently to expand their vocabulary through the use of dictionaries and thesauruses, before applying this within a piece of their own writing inspired by Dicken’s ‘Great Expectations’. In Maths, students worked collaboratively to solve a range of problems against the clock with and without a calculator, battling for a range of prizes, such as rubix cubes.

Supported by leaders from English and Maths who acted as an army of outstanding mini-teachers, the students quickly progressed within both areas;

English; Mia Cheesman, Leah Taylor, Daisy Antcliffe, Laurel Wainman, Charlie Woollons, Alhanna Davies-Barker, Ella Dixon, Ellie Davidson, Emma Sanderson, Rochelle Moverley, Emma Davis, Oliver Baxter, Olivia Young, Jenson Smith and Kian Simpson.
Maths; Ellie Brownlie, Samah Zulfiqar, Rebecca Smith, Rebecca Cox, Amber Shallcross, Fenora David, Bethany Manning, Lily Saleh, Kinga Wojnar, Jodie Allison, Lolita Danylska, Chloe Maestre-Bridger and Rachel Fox.

Next week, the students will return to the Academy to further build upon their repertoire of advanced skills.

A special thanks to Mr O’Neill, Mr Little, Miss Khatun and Miss Goddard for their tremendous efforts in planning and delivering the sessions.

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