Year 6 Secondary School Applications – October Deadline

[22 Oct 2019]
For many pupils in Year 6 the journey to Sirius Academy West has already started… Some pupils have had the benefit of visiting the academy on multiple occasions in the last 18 months as part of the academy’s transition offer. The intended benefit of these visits and events is to reduce the barriers to a successful move from Year 6 to Year 7.
Parents should be aware that the deadline for all pupils in Year 6 to choose their preferences for Secondary Education is Thursday 31st October 2019. It is vital that parents, carers and guardians make their decision before this deadline. Late applications will limit your chances of successfully gaining a place at your preferred destination in Year 7.
For pupils looking to choose Sirius Academy West it is recommended that you put this as your first preference to reduce the chance of disappointment in March when the destinations for Secondary Education are released.
If parents are still undecided about a school for September we are more than happy to arrange individual tours and visits before the deadline. It is important that parents, and pupils, are informed when making this decision. Chances of allocation can be increased by gaining a place via Sporting Aptitude. Pupils looking to take advantage of this route must select Sport when choosing their preference.
For more information regarding the Admissions Process and to book an individual visit please contact the academy on (01482) 352939.
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