Year 7 Boys smash their way to being City Softball Champions!

[12 Jun 2013]

Sirius Year 7 Boys ‘smashed’ their way to being Hull Schools City Champions at Softball.

Represented and led by Reece Gooch (Captain), Mikey Lewis, Joseph N’tumba, Liam Tomlinson,
Jack Scottow, Owen Chaffer, Kenan Stephenson, Joseph Sedman, Luke Moss and Jonathan Lombang’ombe..

In what was to be the first time the competition had been introduced to the boys -Sirius met
Endeavour, St.Mary’s and Malet Lambert in the finals.

In what proved to be a most entertaining afternoon of action in terms of batting and fielding
and in the ability to outwit your opponents -the boys warmed to the occasion and after a few, polite,
reminders in etiquette the boys began to get the’ hang of things’.

The boys comfortably defeated Endeavour in our first game 12 -5. Joseph N’tumba showing his
strength with a bat.

The second game we played against our rivals St. Mary’s in what proved to be a tense affair- with
Sirius on the back foot and struggling to take catches( Mikey!) and anxiety starting to creep in!
We eventually got our act together and ran out 13- 9 winners- but it was closer than the result suggests.

Next was to be the formidable Malet Lambert which I must say met the game with an ‘air of arrogance’
and an expectation they were going to win!

We batted first and found it very difficult to cope with a fast pitcher and some decisions which did not
seem to go our way. We had only scored one run for the loss of five players and were in desperation.
But that quickly changed when Malet started to make errors in the field and we took advantage of the
situation. Scoring a respectable 11 runs.

Malet up batting -we unleashed our secret weapon in Reece Gooch – a ‘fast pitcher!’
Malet could not cope and began to fall apart-one by one they fell -and supported by much improved
fielding skills the team ‘smashed’ their way to victory in an enthralling encounter which did not please
our opponents. The final score 11-9. Sirius winners and deservedly so!

It had really been an exciting afternoon’s entertainment and after settling down and concentrating on
the task in hand -our boys did us proud! Please congratulate them for their efforts and the huge trophy
they won!

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