Year 7 boys suffer heartbreak in Yorkshire QF!

[27 Feb 2013]

The Sirius Academy Year 7 Rugby team were devastated by a last minute Castleford Academy try to lose out 18-16 in their excellent Carnegie Champion Schools Yorkshire Cup Quarter-Final. In a high quality game which swung both ways, it was unfortunately the successful goal-kicks that separated the teams, with Sirius scoring more tries then Castleford but failing to score a successful kick with Castleford successful in all of their attempts.

The game started with Sirius playing up the sloping pitch however strong defence led by Keane Stevenson, Declan Jackson, Jack Arnett and Kieran Bartlett thwarted any Castleford attacks. When in possession for the first time good work from Callum Riley and Luke Moss set the position for captain Mikey Lewis to throw an outstanding dummy to cross wide out for 4-0. Castleford came back and despite Jordan Wornor and Joseph Sedman defending strongly, they made field position count to cross for two tries for a 12-4 lead. On the stroke of half time good set up play from Reece Gooch allowed Connor Matthews and Lewis to put the ball wide to Jack Scottow who showed great strength and pace to finish well wide out to leave Sirius 12-8 down at half-time.

With Sirius playing down the slope in the 2nd half it was crucial that they controlled the ball well. The first ten minutes saw this happen with Harrison Longden, Tyler Hackett and Dylan Hepworth making good yards with every carry. With good ball control this allowed Matthews and Lewis to combine twice again to send Scottow over for two more great finishes to complete his hat-trick, however no goals were successful and Sirius led 16-12 with ten minutes left. Crucial errors then allowed Castleford back up the pitch, and a poor call from the referee allowed Castleford possession and this led to them crashing over for an 18-16 win.

Special thanks to Rachel Gay for her assistance with the team.

Please congratulate the following boys on their successes, attitude and behaviour:

Luke Moss, Joseph Sedman, Tyler Hackett, Jack Scottow, Dylan Hepworth, Mikey Lewis, Connor Matthews, Keane Stevenson, Kieran Bartlett, Jack Arnett, Declan Jackson, Jordan Wornor, Reece Gooch, Callum Riley, Rhys Purchon, Lewis Harold, Harrison Longden, Charlie Holness, Lewis Holdstock.

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