Year 7 Football report

[04 Mar 2012]

South Hunsley 3 Sirius 2

The Year 7 boys last night had their first taste of defeat in a hard fought game at South Hunsley. The team travelled with 3 key players missing, Alex Appleby, Joe Boxall and Stephen Pougher.

The loss of 3 key defenders forced a major reorganisation of the team with a number of the boys playing out of position. As a result Sirius started very slowly and did not play with their usually self-belief. Sirius quickly went a goal behind from a scramble in the box. However they showed a lot of character not to crumble under the pressure as South Hunsley looked for a second quick goal.

Matters became worse when between the 10th and 15th minute the team was forced into 3 key substitutions through injury and illness Alfie Pougher, Harry Storr and Martin Jude all had to come off the field and where replaced by Connor Morgan Hanson Adam Kelsey and Harry Knight . Too the teams credit they dug deep and forced an equaliser with a great strike from Harry Knight.

At half time it was 1-1 thinks in no small part to a point blank save from Kane Tock in goal and some last ditch defending from Nathan Voakes, Callum Baker and Adam Kelsey.

Sirius started the second half slightly brighter, Jamie Gould, Jak Langley and Josh Jarvis battled hard in midfield with Dominic Litwinski, Charlie Morriss and Connor Morgan-Hanson running themselves into the ground. Sadly however as Sirius looked to get a foothold in the game South Hunsley scored a very good goal to go 2 -1 up.

Again credit to the boys they kept plugging away and had a very good shout for a penalty turned down when Charlie Morriss ran clear. With about 15 minutes left Harry Knight hit another great strike to make it 2-2.

Unfortunately South Hunsley came straight back at Sirius and from just outside the area their star player lobbed Kane Tock in goal to make it 3-2.

Andrew Ramsden now entered the game for the exhausted Jak Langley and made a number a strong tackles to try and get Sirius back on equal terms.

Sadly despite the boys efforts they could not get on level terms and matters became worse when man of the match Jamie Gould was carried off after a heavy tackle. (credit to Harry Storr for coming back off the injured bench to re-join the match for the last 10 minutes).

Credit to Kane Tock, Callum Baker, Jamie Gould, Nathan Voakes, Dominic Litwinski, Jak Langley, Josh Jarvis, Harry Storr, Alfie Pougher, Martin Jude, Charlie Morriss, Andrew Ramsden, Adam Kelsey, Harry Knight and Connor Morgan-Hanson

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