Year 7 football

[23 Oct 2019]

The year 7 football team celebrated on Tuesday night, with their first win of the year. With a full strength squad, now that Hull fair has left the city!! 5-0 winners Vs Archbishop.

Stand out performances from Abdullah and Tyler Hutchinson and Oscar.

Goal scorers:

Abdullah x 2
Tyler H

The year 10 team have a game tonight Vs Boulevard, 6 players are making their debut tonight

  1. CamRon Brown- Debut
  2. Josh Blount Fory- Debut
  3. Marcos Najat – Debut
  4. Alfie Smith- 
  5. Charlie L (Banned one game)
  6. Ryan Hall (Dropped)
  7. Harry Price (Dropped)
  8. TJ L
  9. Liam Beet
  10. Harry Thompson- Debut
  11. James Frederick
  12. Otniel Tomache – 
  13. Prince Ozurumba
  14. Aleks Ludowicz
  15. George Sneed
  16. Denis Prominski – Debut
  17. Dawid Growbowski- Debut
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