Year 7 Progress in the cup!

[19 Mar 2013]

The year 7 boys produced a fantastic second half display to overcome a physical year 7 side from Thomas Ferens Academy 4-1.

First half
With an injury before kick-off to centre back Tyler Hackett it meant Reece Gooch got his chance to impress in defence, and that he did. Ferens were playing some excellent football down the wings but could not get past the resistance of the Sirius back four. Sirius responded well with excellent passing moves to open up the Ferens defence on a couple of occasions but could not hit the target. It was a tense half with both teams producing an excellent arm wrestle in the middle of the pitch. There was no doubting the ability in both teams to be able to open up each other’s defence but with both keepers especially Liam Moss playing exceptionally well it was hard to tell which team would open up the scoring.

Second half
Both teams came out exactly the way they finished trying to open up each defence, working hard playing some excellent through balls. Sirius defence which included Owen Chaffer, Dylan Hepworth, Josh Richardson, Reece Gooch working hard to resist some pressure, however the ball fell to one of the better players of ferens who produced an excellent strike from 30 yards to hit the post and go in, nothing Moss could do about that! With the introduction of Jack Scottow this introduced some urgency in to the team with his great touches and passing moves linking with the Sirius captain Mikey Lewis down the left hand side who again, linked up well with Josh Hultum. Josh sedman was introduced on the right wing to link with scottow and the two combined excellently with sedman putting scottow through to drive at the keeper and finish in the corner to make it 1-1. The Sirius boys with their lifted spirits went straight back Ferens finding luck by playing to the wings then back inside it came for scottow who produced an excellent 25 yard strike to defeat the keeper. 2-1. With ferens attacking the back four to get back in the game the Sirius defence held on relentlessly with the likes of Jonathan Lambang’ombe and Kieran Bartlett sweeping everything up in the middle of the park gave the likes of scottow and lewis to freely attack the box which they did for the third goal combining well with mikey using a Dennis Bergkamp-esk touch past the ferens defence in then he chipped the keeper, touch of genius from the captain. The pair combining again towards the end including Jay Tennison to pass to Jack Scottow who got a hat trick and a dazzling performance chipped over the keeper to round an excellent finish to the game.

Please congratulate the following boys:

Josh Richards
Tyler Hackett
Reece Gooch
Dylan Hepworth
Owen Chaffer
Kieran Bartlett
Joe Sedman
Jack Scottow
Mikey Lewis
Taylor Purdy
Jay Tennison
Luke Moss
Josh hultum
Alish Bostani
Jonathan Lambang’ombe

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