Year 7 Rugby team make it through to the final!

[05 May 2016]

The year 7 Rugby team have battled it out take a massive win against Archbishop to power on through to the Hull plate final. This was both teams third meeting this year, with Sirius being on the raw end of the result of each fixture. This meant that Sirius were hungry for a win!

From the kick of Archie came out and meant business, the Sirius boys were under pressure from the whistle as the Archbishop forwards laid the platform for their first try in just 3 minutes. With a missed conversion from the corner flag the score was 4-0 early on. the Sirius boys were shaken, this was evident in their patchy defence, as the silky hands of the Archie half-back slotted a forward through a gap to run 30 yards to score their second try under the posts. This try was converted making it 10-0 to the rivals. Things were looking bleak early on in the game for Sirius. Changes were need to be made; this forced an early sub to bring on the power from the bench in Harry Norton. This gave the lads the lift that they needed. From the restart after the try, a deep kick saw the ball fumbled near the Archie line that forced a Sirius scrum. Just two drives in meant that Declan Longley could find space out wide for Kieron Welburn to go crashing over to take the game to 10-4. This pivotal try gave the lads the boost that they needed; from the restart Sirius began to believe in themselves, all running with support and tackling everything that moved. This brought the dynamics of the game to a standstill as both teams were fighting for glory. ‘Force the error’ was the call from both teams! This sent a clear message to all of the players on the pitch; both teams were playing as safe as possible. Almost too safe from Archie as a simple mistake was made just 10 meters from their own line as a prop managed to lose the ball in a tackle, resulting in A sirius scrum. Mason palmer was the one to seek the next play as he saw a gap emerge that he managed to skip through to level the score to 10-10. Again the arm-wrestle was on as both teams were frightened to make a mistake. Passion began to take over as Archie were itching to return the score; some individual efforts from all areas of the park saw them send the ball through 3 pairs of hands to score a dubious try straight under the posts. ‘on the line is over the line’ the referee called. The Sirius lads were mortified with tears running high which began to take control. They were very much still in the game and had to remain focused to take back control of the game. A kick return in favour of Acrhie saw them go 60 yards and end up on the Sirius line. As their half-back was set up for a wide shot, Mason read his next move like a book; as he went to throw a wide pass he pounced on the throw and intercepted the ball right on his line, it was all or or nothing as he opened up to race 100m and step the fullback to score and convert under the posts. Whilst the kick was being taken , a team talk that concluded with ‘lets do this’ was called. As there was only 2 minutes left on the clock it was surely going to be a draw and go into extra time. From the restart the boys gave it everything, they went 80m to the Archie try line and ended up conceding a penalty for kicking out in the tackle. The first return drive from Archie resulted in a knock on, which was collected from Declan Longley who managed to get a quick play the ball away and send James Abdul under the posts for the win bang on the full time whistle!! The lads went mental and full credit to them for a hard season to battle through and make the Hull final.

A huge congratulations to the team:

Ace Pattison, Spencer Bennett, Kai Shaw, Robbie Jones, Connor Pickering, Tom Mclellan, Mason Palmer, Declan Longley, Dylan Norrie, Alfie Marsden, Liam Fox, Kieron Welburn, Alfie Morgan, James Abdul, James Matchett, Billy Fenby and Harry Norton.

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Test link