[20 Nov 2014]

Sirius Academy hosted its’ first in-house Year 7 Transition Enterprise day on Tuesday 18th November 2014 in celebration of Global Enterprise Week. Year 7 students were invited to attend the one day event hosted by the Coordinator of Business Enterprise, Mrs Smalley. Students took part in three different sessions that focused upon building their understanding of what being entrepreneurial means, and what the ‘Big 13 Skills’ are.

Year 7 students began by identifying current entrepreneurs and their brands; they then completed their first ‘Spaghetti Tower Challenge’. The winning design was 57cm tall and the winning team and their innovative design was Elisha-Mae Reeve, Ria Mazingham, Sumah Zulfqar, Elle-May Stark, Ellie Cortney and Nadia Altaani.  Students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the task and learning how to organise their team and work with the ‘temperamental’ spaghetti!

After a well-deserved break, Year 7 then began the ‘Gift of the Gab’ challenge, tasked with redesigning ‘broken’ products such as flat tyres, springs, chocolate tea pots and old trainers. Team work, creative thinking and organisational skills played a key part in completing the time restrained tasks. Students created various projects ranging from wind chimes, book vending machines to the winning design of an ‘eco-garden’ from a recycled flat tyre, this round was also won by Elisha-Mae Reeve, Ria Mazingham, Sumah Zulfqar, Elle-May Stark, Ellie Cortney and Nadia Altaani. 

Demonstrating energy that would rival the energizer bunny, Year 7 students returned from lunch eager and ready for more. The final competition, the central focus of the day, was for students to apply their ‘Big 13 Skills’ to complete the main challenge to design a Xmas themed smoothie which would be sold for a week during December through the new smoothie bar. The winning team will get to taste test their creation, and during the promotion week, will receive the smoothie at a discounted price. After tough competition and some outstanding presentations by the teams, the winning smoothie team was Albert Litwinski vel Sygnowski, Nathan Young, Lewis Wilson and Katie Brown and their winning smoothie design, coming soon, called ‘Rudolph’s Surprise’.

Thank you to all members of staff that helped support the event, and who contributed to the success of the day. Congratulations to all Year 7’s involved, your ideas, involvement and presentations were fantastic. Every student demonstrated a high level of professionalism in their approach to the challenges, the way students conducted themselves throughout the day represents the calibre of student at Sirius Academy.

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