Year 7 Transition kicks of GEW Week 2016 at Sirius Academy West

[21 Nov 2016]

On Monday 16th November Global Enterprise Week 2016 officially launched. Businesses and millions of schools across the globe get involved in promoting enterprise education with their budding students. Hull is the official City of Culture 2017 and we are especially keen to promote the growing outstanding talent of young people and their entrepreneurial skills across the city.

On Tuesday 15th November 2016, Sirius Academy West held our annual Year 7 Transition Enterprise Event. GEW focuses on promoting the BIG 13 enterprise skills in young people that can help them to develop their own confidence but also excel in their academic studies, their school life and in the world of work. Sirius Academy worked in conjunction with Phil Benson from Xing Education to deliver this exciting event.

100 Year 7 students were placed in teams and were pitted against each other throughout the day competing for a GIANT Cookie from Millie’s Cookies! Students were tasked with completing ice breaker challengers, before finally being set their challenge by Phil.

The challenge brief required students to build a nutritional portfolio before finally creating, making AND TASTING their very own smoothie product! Students had to input their financial and nutritional data in to the computer whilst also monitoring stock market levels for current food trends and fluctuations. Competition was fierce and over 14 teams were competing against each other at this event, teams had to work collaboratively and against the clock and had to produce pitch materials in ready for the final 3 teams to be announced.

The figures were calculated in the computer and the final 3 teams were announced who would contend for the final spot…..Tetjo Smoothies, Gurgle Groovy and Fruity Delights. All 3 teams had to pitch to the judges and in front of their peers about their smoothie design giving reasoned justification for why it should be chosen. Students were fantastic in their confidence and presenting skills…the judges deliberated and announced third place as Fruity Delights, second place as Tetjo Smoothies and the final winners as….’Gurgle Groovy’!!

Year 7 students stated that “I didn’t know anything about enterprise but the challenges today have helped my confidence” other students stated “I’ve never spoken in front of anyone before and didn’t think I could do it but I did”, spirits were high from all Year 7s who were absolutely fantastic throughout the day, well done!

Many students have queried about Business Enterprise as an option, please see Mrs Smalley in Room 344 if you want more information. A lot of students have asked about getting involved in enterprise events in school, please see Mrs Smalley in Room 344, many enterprise events are now relaunching for the new school year such as The Shed and Sirius ON Air our very own Radio station, Sirius Cares and Sirius Sellers!

Thank you to everyone involved in supporting the day, and to everyone who continues to support and promote the growing entrepreneurial talent that we have at Sirius College and Sirius Academy.

Mrs Claire Smalley

Coordinator of Business Enterprise

If you would like to find out more, follow @siriusacademy on Twitter

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