Year 7&8 Rugby Union Success

[06 Nov 2014]

The year 7 and 8 team had a lot to live up to when they attended the rugby union tournament at HULL RUFC last night- they did not disappoint and lived up to expectation!!

Sirius had entered 2 teams with a mix of year 7 and 8 girls into the tournament. Both teams played outstanding on the night with neither losing a game. There were some excellent tries from Amy Purdon, Danielle Waters and Cameron Shakespear who were unstoppable. Holly Bateson, Maja Bakek and Beth Dixon made some excellent runs and carried the ball confidently on the pitch which created lots of chances of the Sirius teams. Alicia Pearson and Shannon Jordan were outstanding on the night and created a solid defensive with St Marys and Kelvin struggling to score any tries against the organised Sirius defensive.

All of the girls were hardworking and played as a team throughout, showing determination and the drive to win.

A superb effort and attitude was shown by the girls; they were a credit to the academy.

Please congratulate the following: Beth Dixon (Year 7) Caitlen Faulder (Year 7) Maja Bakek (Year 7) Kaitlen Jasper (Year 7) Chloe Maestra Ridger (Year 7) Lauren Sutton (Year 8) Danielle Waters (Year 8) Holly Bateson (Year 8) Amy Purden (Year 8) Kiela Allen (Year 8) Shannon Jordan (Year 8) Ellie Hinchliffe (Year 8) Cameron Shakespear (Year 8) Alicia Pearson (Year 8) Caitlin Curzons (Year 8)

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