Year 7s at the Yorkshire Show

[11 Jul 2013]

On Tuesday 80 year 7s had the opportunity to visit the Yorkshire Show, Harrogate.

They experiences one of the largest agricultural shows in the UK, and the students saw many competitions such as the judging of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. They also watched a semi-final of young sheep shearer and farriers who had just finished their apprenticeship. Some groups were challenged by the Yorkshire regiment to complete orienteering tasks and succeeded in winning medals.

Rhys Baron and Saffron Jones also read the weather live on BBC – you can hear them on iPlayer at about the 1hr 30 mark (it’s after the news) It may have been better if Rhys had not said that the best part of the day was being out of school!

Thank you to all of the staff involved: CSM, MTH, MWR, FMA, RHA, SPA, MCK.

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