Year 7s Excellent Effort!

[11 Apr 2013]

The year 7 boys produced two fantastic displays in 48 hours….

Attached is some photos including Mr Basile’s shower from the year 11 boys celebrations!

Hull Schools Cup Semi Final

Winifred Holtby 2 – 1 Sirius Academy

This game saw the Sirius boys on the unlucky side after all their efforts were either saved or denied due to some great work from the Winifred back four. The game started with the Sirius midfield of Sedman, Scottow, Bartlett, Tennison working hard for each other resisting attacks from the Winifred team and catching them on the counter attack which nearly worked with Sedman, Scottow going close. The back four of Chaffer, Gooch, Hacket and Dylan Hepworth were superb carrying on to resist a strong attacking force which eventually broke and Winifred scored a vital goal in a very close game. Winifred again strong in attack were awarded a penalty in which Moss dived down cat-like peter schmeichel-esk to produce an excellent save in the bottom left hand corner! Half time whistle went.

Could Sirius respond?
In that they did second half attacking threat of Hultum and Purdy playing some excellent football together to get shots away peppering the Winifred goalkeeper who just would not give in! Scottow produced an excellent run around the keeper looked certain to score only to be pushed and not awarded a penalty! With the boys venting their frustrations at the ref Winifred broke on the counter only for our defence to produce a tackle which the ref blew a free kick for 20 yards out. Winifred striker made no mistakes and put it over the wall in the top corner nothing Moss could do about that! Sirius responded with a goal from a corner which they did not give in until the last minute winning every ball and pinning Winifred in their own box but it just wasn’t to be.

League play off final

Sirius Aacademy 1 – 5 Malet Lambert

This second game in as many days proved just too much for the tired legs of the team who worked relentlessly to deny every attacking threat Malet through at them. Excellent work from the back four again which included Jonothan Langambone in replace of the ill Hepworth. With Sirius proving a great threat on the counter with Mikey Lewis, Purdy and Scottow linking together cutting the Malet defence it looked certain they would get a goal however with their keeper again producing an excellent first half display denying scottow twice in seconds it was hard to take. However the boys bounced back from this and kept digging in Chaffer working extremely hard against his opposite number to keep him from getting down the wing. The game was 0-0 at half time thanks to excellent efforts from attack and defence in denying the Malet Team.

With only one sub the Sirius boys came out the second half looking very tired and this showed as Malet produced some good football to split the defence scoring 3 goals within 5 minutes after half time. This didn’t get the Sirius boys down who still attacked mallet with Bostani, Mikey Lewis, Tennison and the excellent Hackett and Scottow digged in together to keep attacking with scottow getting the ball on the edge of the area producing a fantastic strike to beat the keeper 3-1! The Sirius attack of Taylor Purdy and Hultum never stopped working and the whole team was an absolute credit to the school with the amount of work they put in never giving up it was just unlucky that Malet scored two goals off corners against a very tired Sirius team.

Please congratulate the following boys on their achievements not just these two games but for their efforts all season for the academy:

Josh Richards
Tyler Hackett
Reece Gooch
Dylan Hepworth
Owen Chaffer
Kieran Bartlett
Joe Sedman
Jack Scottow
Mikey Lewis
Taylor Purdy
Jay Tennison
Luke Moss
Josh hultum
Alish Bostani
Jonathan Lambang’ombe

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