Year 8 Boys Softball Runners-up

[12 Jun 2013]

The Year 8 boys travelled to Malet Lambert School this afternoon to participate as one of 5 teams in a Softball tournament.

The boys were up against teams from the hosts Malet Lambert, St. Mary’s, Winifred Holtby & Kingswood in a league system were whoever finished top after the games, won the trophy.

First up for the boys, who had 4 students drop out before the end of the day before being replaced by equally talented students were St. Mary’s. After being put into bat first, Sirius raced into a 13 score lead before St. Mary’s rallied to score 5 of their own and leave Sirius with a comforting win from their opening match.

Next up were Winifred Holtby, which again placed us up to bat first. Only 9 scores this game due to the commendable fielding from Winifred, but all in vain as Sirius, led by Jak Langley and Adam Kelsey in the field, dominated the opposition with fine field work and catches from the latter, which kept Winifred down to 4 scores meaning a 2nd win on the bounce.

Our main challengers at this point were the host Malet Lambert, who themselves had won 2 from 2 and this meant a significant match to determining the top 2 places were at stake. Malet’s superior batting left Sirius with 12 scores to win, or 11 to draw the match, but the hosts were in a reluctant and un-gracious mood, especially from the hosts’ pitcher, and Sirius were all out for just 3 runs to their name, meaning a win for the hosts almost guarenteed top spot with a game to play.

All Sirius could do was win their final match against Kingswood and hope that Malet were defeated by Winifred Holtby to put it down to points difference. As Sirius batted with comfortable ease and clocking up 14 runs, the confidence began to grow again and a possibility of finishing top seemed achievable. Kingswood were left to rue the pitching prowess of Adam Kelsey and courage of Harry Knight (to handle the fierce speed and power of the pitches from Kelsey) to thwart any attempts of a comeback by Kingswood, and so this proved with the score being kept to 4 before running threw their order and finishing the match.

The boys then waited patiently, hoping that Malet were defeated, but found out that this was not the case and the hosts finished unbeaten with Sirius finishing a very close and commendable 2nd.

Special thanks to Dean Jennings for being driver and more importantly, team manager.

The boys were an asset to the Academy, and deserve congratulations for their success, attitude and behaviour throughout. Please see attached image of the boys named below (excluding Josh Kirby who had to leave early).

Harry Knight, Adam Kelsey, Jak Langley, Callum Baker, Joseph Thompson, Jordan Webb, Stephen Pougher, Jamie Gould, Connor Morgan-Hanson, Josh Kirby.

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