Year 8 Boys Unleash their Creativity

[26 Mar 2015]

On Tuesday 24th March a group of Year 8 boys were chosen to take part in a Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Workshop to boost their progress in the subjects of Art, Drama and Music. The boys were invited to take a ‘Journey to the Stars’ in a space themed workshop designed to develop their ability to think creatively and imaginatively and boost their confidence in performing and expressing themselves. The boys participated in a variety of fun and engaging art, drama and music activities including creating a musical soundscape for the Star Trek monologue “Space the final frontier…” and using a variety of art media to make giant eyeballs inspired by artist Marc Quinn’s work: ‘We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars’.
Mrs Quillin who organised the event said, “the boys really enjoyed the workshop and showed real progress in developing their creativity, imagination and confidence which they will hopefully use in their CAPA lessons as well as all of their other learning experiences”.