Year 8 Football – Sirius 4 Endeavour 0

[17 Oct 2013]

In atrocious conditions the Year 8 Football team followed up their win against Kelvin with a comfortable victory against a weak Endeavour side.

Sirius experimented with different players and virtually had two different teams on each half including Sami Trafadar playing in goal for the first time.

Goals from Luke Moss, Matema Bongani, Ali Bostani and Jack Scottow sealed the win that carried them into their 3rd Round ESFA National game versus Toll Bar(Grimsby) on Thursday.

The highlight of the game was a brilliant goal from Ali Bostani which was struck beautifully into the top corner of the net!

A more difficult proposition and team in Toll Bar will face them this afternoon- here’s hoping for the best!

Well done to all the team that was involved; Sami Trafadar; Calum Riley; Dylan Hepworth; Tyler Hackett; Josh Richards; Luke Moss;Jack Scottow; Reece Gooch;Matema Bongani; Owen Chaffer; Mason Lyell; Joe Sedman; Charlie Brooks; Josh Hultum;Jack Arnett; Ali Bostani; Tom Lawlor.

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