Year 8 Girls win the Netball league and set to represent Yorkshire

[13 Dec 2013]

Please congratulate the Year 8 Netball team on winning the Hull Schools League for the second year running.

During the last 6 weeks the girls have fought to defend last years title as league winners. So far, out of playing 8 Hull schools the girls were unbeaten, although they had drawn against St Marys A and B
teams during week 3. The league, was still all open and meant tonights games against rivals Malet Lambert and so far unbeaten Winifred Holtby were crucial to keep our hands on the title.

The girls started the night off against the home side Winifred Holtby, a win that was not only important for the girls but was also huge friendly competition between the coaches. The girls aware of this, and were even more motivated for the win. A very even contest to start, the defence of both teams was near on impossible to get through. Vicky Godwin, Danielle Fulton and Amelia Longden covered every inch of the defensive third. Duo Mia Duke and Ellie Cone were constant on the attack and superbly fed the shooters Emily Andrew and Jamie Watson. The shooters under immense pressure, however Cone constantly on the rebound on the edge of the circle kept on delivering for the shooters until Watson eventually secured us 2 goals. A huge team effort causes the game to finish up 2-0 to Sirius and one very proud coach.

Second match of the night was against Winifred Holtby B team, the girls on a high and under less pressure managed to secure a 13-0 win. Shooters Jamie Watson and Lucy Fielder barely missing a shot.

Third match was against Malet Lambert, a school that always puts out a very strong side. After an easy win in their last game Sirius set off a little complacent, and at half time the score very even at 2-2. After a motivational talk and advice from Mrs Stevenson the girls came back fighting and looked even more determined to attack the ball. After two minutes the girls were 4-2 up and from then the challenge was to play safe and keep possession of the ball.

When the final matches had all been played, the girls awaited the results. As Sirius has drawn 2 games and Holtby losing 1 the league was uncertain. However it was soon confirmed that Sirius Year 8 were yet again League Champions.

The girls will now compete in the Humber Schools Games representing Yorkshire.

Special thanks to Viki Stephenson and Emma Bore for support with the team.

Please congratulate the following girls on such a fantastic achievement and for having such a committed and determined attitude.

Mia Duke (C), Ellie Cone, Lucy Fielder, Emily Andrew, Jamie Watson, Chloe Garrod, Victoria Godwin, Danielle Fulton, Amelia Longden and Ruby Randle.

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