Year 8 National Cup Success!

[12 Oct 2012]

The Year 8 football team battled hard for an away victoy over a well organised Cleethorpe’s side. From the outset the home team put pressure on the ball and Sirius had to defend for the most part. Despite missing vital first team players such as Alfie Pougher and Harry Knight the boys worked hard to win back possession and played some good passing football. Ten minutes in, however, and against the run of play the Cleethorpe’s side took the lead with the referee having no choice but to award a penalty for grappling in the box. Charlie Park, for the home team, stepped up and confidently struck the ball passed the stretching Kane Tock. Their lead was extended soon after with an injury induced mistake from Kane Tock in goal who was clearly not feeling 100%. Just before a substitution could be made, Cleethorpes took a shot from outside the box which Tock did well to stop. However, the ball wasn’t gathered and Charlie Parks, the scorer of the first, added to his tally with a simple tap into the net from 2 yards out.
Sirius now found themselves, against the run of play again, 2-0 down with a lot to do. The boys picked up their game and were winning the first time ball in the air with some excellent headed passes from Jamie Gould and Jak Langley, well positioned in midfield. With much of the possession and clearly the better side, the boys started to dominate the game and control of the ball was excellent.

The hard working Dominik Litwinski storming up and down the wing threatened the Cleethorpes defense all game, and with a good run into the box, forced the home defence into a mistake and a penalty was given to Sirius. Josh Jarvis stepped up and blasted the ball passed the keeper’s right – Making in 2-1 at half time.

After half time Sirius continued to dominate the game and Cleethorpes were running out of ideas and becoming tired of chasing the ball. Sirius’ captain Jak Langley worked hard in the midfield and put his body on the line charging down a clearance on the edge of the Cleethorpes box, which thumped the captain on the side of his head. Clearly dazed and a little shook up, we were forced to bring an influential player of the pitch – Harry Storr his replacement.

The Sirius defence was stout throughout the game and Stephen Pougher (Tock’s replacement in goal) had very little to do. Whittles on the left of defence gave the opposition nowhere to go with some top class tackles and supporting the play going forward.

Sirius pressed hard and were rewarded with a penalty again with a clear foul in the box from a tiring Cleethorpes defence. Josh Jarvis stepped up again and smashed the ball into the top corner only to be thwarted by a spectacular save! – denying Sirius the equalizer. Battling on and dominating possession Harry Storr slotted a through ball to Connor Morgan- Hanson who gave a great display of dribbling down the left. With nowhere to go Connor passed back into the centre and ran into the box. With a quick return ball Connor let fly and the ball thumped the post and across the face of goal. Again Sirius narrowly denied and equalizer. After also hitting the crossbar on another occasion it was clear to see that the equalizer was inevitable.

A fantastic clearance by Adam Kelsey returning the Cleethorpes keeper’s kick back into midfield found Jack Best who used some excellent footwork to confuse two defenders and send a perfectly weighted pass through to Josh Jarvis to thunder his second of the game passed a perplexed keeper. A great comeback from the boys who were pressing hard for the winner.
Unfortunately, the time had run out of normal play and extra time awaited.

Extra time saw some poor football from both teams with legs becoming tired. Cleethorpes had the only attempt on goal that saw a great save from Stephen Pougher while he was on the floor. Adam Kelsey had a great head on him to say to us “replace me as keeper and I’ll be keeper for the penalties” – showing a clear head and determination to win the game!

And to penalties it went – which flattered the Cleethorpes team who were lucky to have stayed in the game.

Cleethorpes to shoot first… low and hard to Kelsey’s right – 1-0
Josh Jarvis (determined to set the record straight on his penalty saved) low to the left 1-1!
Cleethorpes… MISSED ! Scuffed wide to the left of the post.
Alex Appleby (to lead on penalties) cool to the right of the keeper 2-1
Cleethorpes… hard down the middle 2-2
Jack Best… to regain the advantage… Powerful strike off the crossbar and into the centre of the goal!
Cleethorpes… SAVED!… shot straight down the centre… excellent stop by Kelsey. 3-1
Stephen Pougher…. To win the game… Bang! Smashed to the left of the keeper.


Man of the match (3) – Josh Jarvis, Adam Kelsey and Harry Whittles

A top effort made by the boys. Please congratulate the boys if you see them: Jak Langley, Kane Tock, Charlie Morriss, Brad Elliott, Harry Knight, Alfie Pougher, Josh Jarvis, Callum Baker, Dominik Litwinski, Nathan Voakes, Stephen Pougher, Harry Storr, Jamie Gould, Adam Kelsey, Connor Morgan-Hanson, Harry Whittles and Jack Best.

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