Year 8s set record victory!

[14 Oct 2011]

The Year 8 Football team set their own record victory this evening against a hard-working Kelvin Hall. The boys played with great skill, determination and spirit to out-class their opponents and score a 13-0 win, and on another night could have actually been more!

The game started brightly with the Kelvin side testing the back four of Callum Magee, Rob Hird, Jordan Wardell and Jordan Littlefair, however as always they stood strong. The match began to flow with openings created by both teams before Kenan Stephenson broke the deadlock, quickly followed by Will Murphy and Captain Luke Salas to give Sirius a hard-earned 3-0 lead.

The 2nd half again began with a tough test of the Sirius defence however counter attacks led by Chris Brown, Salas and Joseph Wood created many chances. Several of these fell to Ewan Malton who added four goals, Salas put in two more to claim another hat-trick, followed by two Wood strikes, another Stephenson goal and a final cheeky finish from Brown to give Sirius the 13-0 win.

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