Year 9 and 10 Dancers Visit Hull new Theatre to see ‘Fame’

[30 Jun 2014]

Friday 20th June saw 35 students from Y9 and 10 dance groups attend Hull new Theatre for an evening of dance to see the professional production of ‘Fame’ the musical. The Musical, based on the 1980 Alan Parker film, follows a group of wannabes at the New York School of Performing Arts. Its latest revival, which arrived Hull New Theatre, shows the darker side of trying to make a grab at fame.

The students were extremely excited to see this performance and were rewarded with front row tickets. The show and performers didn’t disappoint and the show was filled with singing, dancing and acting. Students enjoyed the finale which involved them dancing in the isles along with the performers. Needless to say they were thoroughly inspired by the performances and gained an insight into what it takes to be a professional performer.

The Sirius students were a credit to the academy and conducted themselves extremely well throughout.

Please praise the students involved:

Megan Bower Naomi Rainger Darci Howlett Chloe Slack Nicole McDowell Jamielee Flanagan Amy Walker Lauren Lynn Mack Thompson Rhianne Melville Abigail Shearsmith Olivia Wheatley Alexandra Mishchenko Arianne Andrews Natalia Butler Katie Kerrison Danika Wildridge Bahunad Othman Phoebe Ashton Chloe Murray Chloe Manston Lauren Carter Gabrielle Richardson Charley Bateson Elizabeth Nicholson Carla Dibb Klaudia Jezewska Sarah Lee Aimee Harris Georgia Travagli Courtney Everett Shauna Jones Elle Mann Chloe Kellaway Carla Manuel

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