Year 9 ‘B’ Team Tournament

[26 Jan 2017]

Mr Gordon had sent out his call to arms for all y9 boys that were fit, willing and able to stake their claim for a 1st team place to meet in the PE reception 3:10 SHARP.

It was baltic conditions when the lads were put through their paces warming up in a prolonged warm up game, the excitement was palpable.

After some old school team picking the 2 newly formed units were taken by their respective managers for the evening, myself and Mr Gordon. Was this the opportunity for the apprentice to take on the master…

Elliot Hanson, Bradley Russell, Jacob Owen, Jamie Jackson, Owen Stansfield, Isaak Worrell, Emils Kokorevics, Kieron Simpson and Josh Athorn

Harvey McCann, Dylan King, Charlie Jones, Shahin Zamani, Darren Smith, Finley Tointon, Jak Carlson, Than Alam and Harry North.

Both teams performed well during their group stages, both winning 2/3 fixtures. This meant a potential Sirius v Sirius final was on the cards as Sirius (DGO) and Sirius (CRO) were place in each semi final. Both teams fought tooth and nail for the entire 10 minutes of frantic action. However it would only be Sirius (CRO) who would advance to the final as Sirius (DGO) lost out in a nail biting semi final tussle with St Mary’s.  Whilst SIrius (CRO) had a smoother passage to the final.

The final itself was a cagey tight affair with both teams threatening to snatch a lead. As the clock ticked, it became all to apparent that it would be heading to extra-time…the physios were on stand by to give some much needed beverages and stretch off the weary Sirius men. Fulltime…extra time it was to be, the 3 minutes trickled by without incident and it was left to the dreaded penalties to decided the tournament. It was time to crown a hero or a villain.
Sirius opened the scoring with Brad Russell netting a decisive first. St Mary’s emphatically responded. Emils Kokorevics, my player of the day, stepped up to strike…WIDE! I had my own Mike Bassett moment after confidently telling Emils to take one, perhaps I’ll let the lads volunteer in future. St Mary’s smashed home to take a 2-1 lead. It was down to Isaak Worrell to give us a glimmer of hope, which he duly did. Unfortunately St Mary’s kept their nerve and slammed the decisive penalty home.

I’d like to make a special mention for Jacob Owen and Darren Smith who were their teams top goalscorers and popped up at vital times to score vital goals…cometh the hour, cometh the man.

Nonetheless, It was great to see some new faces and the attitudes of all involved were first class.  Well done to all involved.

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