Year 9 Gifted & Talented, Hull University Study Skills Day

[20 May 2011]

Monday 11th April saw a group of Year 9 Gifted and Talented students attend Hull University for a Study Skills Day. Students hadthe opportunity to visit the campus and explore the different areas of the university and see where higher education takes place.

Students completed a series of workshops exploring ideas on how they learn, memory skills and communication skills. Students worked spent the whole day in one of Hull University’s state-of-the-art lecture rooms and worked with professionals on improving their understanding of study skills.

In the morning session students worked on memory skills such as how to improve memory though story telling and linking objects together. Students were given a series of 10 key words in which they had to memorise. Students created some wild and wacky stories that linked all these key words and when they had to complete the final task of recalling the key words they found that they got them all right due to the links in the stories!

The mid-morning session students learnt how to improve revision and planning skills.
Students looked at mind maps in depth and planned a range of maps to support their learning.

The afternoon session looked at ways in which to communicate effectively. Students worked on word association games and their observation skills.

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