Year 9 Girls 5-a-side Winners!

[27 Jan 2015]

Hi all, I’ll keep this brief as my journalistic skills are simply not at the levels of Messrs Basile and Kay with their informative commentary.
Year 9 girls were skilfully driven by minibus to the Bonus sports Arena for Hull schools 5-a-side yesterday after school, where they began the tournament with a slightly dull 0-0 draw with Winifred Holtby.
They then went on to rifle 8 SHOTS past Boulevard, 4 against Newland School for Girlies and took out Andrew Marvel 2-0 in the semi-final.
The girls went on to dominate the final against Winifred Holtby, where this time Ellie Smirk scored the only goal past the ‘man-of-the-match’ Winnie keeper who looked for some time  simply unbeatable, making Sirius champions!
Although they may not have recognised it, the calming influence of Stand-In Coach, Miss (Mourinho) Martin and the smooth clutch control of the driver of, not just any minibus, but the white boneshaker, was obviously hugely influential and must not be overlooked.
Please congratulate the girls if you see them around the academy.