Year 9 second win of the week!

[10 Oct 2013]

The Year 9 Sirius football team saw themselves sail to a 5-2 victory over a reduced and rather average Kelvin Hall team. Not the Kelvin Hall team we have grown to know over recent fixtures who were really difficult to break down.

The first half saw much action in the middle of the park with both teams scrapping for the ball and little wide play involved. However, Sirius did seem to start to pass the ball around and find more space as the game went on. The first goal saw a good ball from inside the half fall to Martin Jude, just inside the opposing area, who coolly slotted the ball into the bottom left of the goal making the game 1-0. The first goal spurred the opposing team on, and rather against the run of play, a hopeful shot from 25 yards out found it’s way into the back of the net through the gloves of a floundering Steven Pougher. A stinker of a goal to concede! 1-1.
Steven picked himself up and carried on in true Sirius fashion and had little to do for the remainder of the game, in part to do with the outstanding exploits of the defence, Connor Morgan-Hansen, Adam Kelsey and Callum Baker.
The later stages of the first half were dominated by Sirius who passed the ball well but seemed to be narrow with their play. Despite this, on one occasion the ball was passed out to the right wing and sent into the box were Harry Knight (in the wrong position) got a flick on and Dominik Litwinski was steaming in at the back post for a simple tap in to make it 2-1 to Sirius. Soon after the whistle went for half time.

Again after a half time tactical talk, predominantly about the width of the game and the exploits of the strikers staying on the last defender, Sirius really looked on top and were bossing the pace of the game. Not surprising therefore that Josh Jarvis soon made it 3-1 with a thunder bolt from the edge of the area as the ball was passed square to him by Charlie Morriss. The Kelvin Hall team seemed deflated and tried their best to produce some good football and some quality play down the right flank drew some excellent tackles from Adam Kelsey, storming in from centre back.
Almost as a repeat from the first, Josh Jarvis smashed home his second of the game to make it 4-1 to Sirius from just inside the area, which no keeper would have stopped. In a lack of concentration and due to some changes at the back, saw a very good Kelvin player run beyond a helpless Nathan Voakes on the left of the field, who struck a tremendous shot passed the outstretched Steven Pougher. 4-2. However, this again was against the run of play.

Dominik Litwinski who had a delightful game picked up the ball from the edge of the area, thanks to some good support from Jack Best in the middle. Dom then seemed to have taken some ‘spinach’ and went on a run into the box with some excellent footwork to baffle the Kelvin defence. The resulting shot only kept out by the rattling crossbar, denying the hard working winger. Again Sirius dominating possession.
Some good play from midfield and Jack Best placing the ball out wide to Dominik Litwinski saw Sirius finish the game 5-2. The wide ball resulted in Dom cleverly crossing it onto the grateful boot of Harry Knight to compete the scoring for the game. Full credit must be given to the Kelvin team who played until the very last whistle and gave their all!

If you see the boys around the academy please give your congratulations to: Jak Langley, Kane Tock, Charlie Morriss, Harry Knight, Alex Appleby, Josh Jarvis, Callum Baker, Dominik Litwinski, Nathan Voakes, Stephen Pougher, Martin Jude, Jamie Gould, Harry Storr, Adam Kelsey, Connor Morgan-Hanson and Jack Best. All gave a superb contribution to the match!

Men of the Match: Harry Storr and Dominik Litwinski

Really sincere thank you to the parents/grandparents of the boys who made the trip to the game!

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