Years 10 and 11 Gifted and Talented Study Day

[11 Jan 2012]

The conference in Manchester consisted of two guest speakers, Dr. David Holmes and Dr. Keri Nixon giving Philosophical lectures including: Are Humans Born to Kill; Forensic Psychology: the real ‘Cracker’; Living forever: what will happen and it’s a Man’s world. The conference provided an extraordinary insight into the human mind and the issue of sexism.

The day was very interesting and allowed everyone to view everyday subjects from different point of views; it gave us a chance to explore different types of criminals and the mentality and methodology behind the crimes they commit. The day inspired some students to go onto a career in the field of psychology; many found ‘Are some Humans born to Kill?’ very intense and thought-provoking because it brought a close-up and personal preview into the mind of a Killer.

Both the staff and the students who took part in the conference found it very informative and inspirational and would definitely recommend it for future students. It allowed many students to view topics from a different side which they would not have thought about or experienced before the conference.

Are Humans Born To Kill?

This lecture was really eye opening and brought a clear view into the criminal mind. It explained the personality disorders and how they discovered what was happening in the human brain to cause the disorder. They also talked about the different types of criminals and the different kinds of stalkers and how their environment and genetics could cause people to be this particular way. In reality these people can look completely normal and act normal but it’s all just an ‘act’.

The real ‘cracker’

This was our second lecture which gave an in site on how the police solved a crime and told us about profiling. This gave people an opportunity to get some information on a possible job that they would wish to do. The lecture explain what profiling is, a character description that could lead to solving a crime, and how it was used to capture a criminal. A lot of the time the profile was wrong and people wasted a lot of time on going after the wrong person.

Living Forever: What Will Happen?

The third lecture was on what would happen if we all live forever and how aging affects the life span. The lecture went on to discuss matters that would develop evolution and getting people to live a longer life. This left questions in everyone’s minds such as; is living forever a good or bad thing?, what would happen if we all live forever? And other questions such as that. The topic was very interesting and educational but not everyone will want to live forever it will torture a lot of people to think they have to live forever. There was also the discussion of who the treatment would be available to.

It’s a man’s world!

The final lecture was the most interesting , but the title was not true. This idea of it’s a man’s world was to introduce sexism and topics that in a way discriminated against women. This lecture discussed women’s rights, relationships that involve violence and what the views on women from the past. This topic showed images of women draped over men and with less clothes than the males. The topic introduced that it isn’t just males that dominate females and that males can do the same so it effects both men and women.

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