Yorkshire Wildlife Park Enrichment Day

[30 Jun 2014]

The Science department took 30 year 8 students to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as an educational experience to enhance their knowledge on how animals are adapted to their environment.

The day was a huge success, the students got to stroke wallabies, compare their height to that of a giraffe and watch brutal baboons play fight. The students learnt about various animals in the Park through participation in a quiz competition. Congratulations to Chelsea Kellaway, Donna Nash and Ameera Jessop, who completed the entire quiz and won the prize. The students also participated in an Adaptations Session hosted by the park where they got to handle a ghetto and various artefacts from the animals.

When discussing with the students about their enjoyment of the day, one student said they enjoyed communicating with the park staff and their favourite animal was the giraffe.

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