English Language


English Language

Why is the study of English Language important? 


English language is perfect for any students with a desire to understand effective communication. This can be written or verbal. Students will develop a wide-array of skills, developing their comprehension and constructive competencies.

  • Course Content and Assessment

    Course Content:

    • Analysis of Written and Spoken Tests
    • Language Investigation
    • Creative Writing
    • Language Discourses
    • Children’s Language and Development
    • Original Writing



    • 80% Examination
    • 20% Coursework
  • Entry Criteria

    5 GCSEs at 4 or above including:

    • English at 6 or above
    • Mathematics at 4 or above
  • How can English Language support your future?

    Students who have taken A Level English (Language) go on to study English Language at University. Future opportunities may include: a Writer, English Teacher, a Journalist, Publishing Editor or Proof-reader.

  • How does the study of English Language support your study of other subjects?

    Not only does English Language facilitate skills necessary for effective success in later life, it enables students to become more coherent writers, persuasive debaters and imbues students with skills that will benefit them, whichever destination they progress on to.

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